Did you know Oxfordshire has a High Sheriff?

2016-06-24 Rycote

We were delighted that Doorstep was invited to the High Sheriff of Oxfordshire's summer reception which was held this evening at Rycote Park near Thame. It was great opportunity to meet a whole range of people from Oxfordshire's charitable, business, academic and creative communities and hear how they feel life in the county is going.

The High Sheriff's role is non-political and voluntary. The person who holds the office takes it for a year and does a wide range of things to champion life in the county. This year the High Sheriff is called Sarah Taylor, and her particular focus is on carers in the county.

If you would like to find out more about the High Sheriff, head here.

This gives grandparents a very useful safe learning area. This is such a caring community and advice centre. I have been very impressed.

A grandparent

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