Documentary makers KEO are recruiting for a new documentary


KEO Films, an award-winning TV production company, is producing a major new documentary series for the BBC about what it is like to be a working family or single parent on a low income in the UK today.

A bit of background about KEO: they have a long history of making powerful, touching and sensitively produced films about social issues, mainly for the BBC. These include Exodus (which followed refugees coming into mainland Europe), Welcome to Lagos and Welcome to Rio (exploring poverty in both cities), The Last Miners (about the people working in Britain’s last deep coal mine), The Big C & Me (documenting the lives of those going through cancer treatments) and a raft of impactful campaigning films on environmental issues. They’ve won awards from all the major TV awarding bodies for our work (BAFTA, Royal Television Society, Broadcast, Grierson, and even had an Oscar nomination) and consistently high viewership despite our programmes difficult subject areas, in part because of our focus on finding warm and relatable people to be filmed.

They now want to document the lives of those who work hard and manage their family lives, the people who represent the political buzz words of ‘just-about-managing’, and understand what it is like for the over one million British households living with constant financial struggles, low incomes and little to fall back on. By following the personal stories of those on low incomes and with financial pressures, we hope to show the daily struggles and difficult choices millions of people in this situation have to make. We also want to showcase the positive and empowering attitudes people confronted with these problems have.

If this sounds like you and your family and you'd like to get involved, please email Assistant Producer, Harry Pick on

Any initial conversation with our production company is completely confidential and there's no obligation.

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