We love hearing why people become Doorstep Champions. Here is a recent story of why our latest Champion loves Doorstep:

Fun, Friends and Food

I have relied on Donnington Doorstep for myself, my granddaughter and my great granddaughter for 28 years.

It’s a fun place to be, where children allowed to be themselves, and parents are given time and space to talk.

You pick your way carefully between little children who are just about walking, and primary schoolchildren learning how to let off steam without hurting the little ones.

Children find dressing-up clothes there to try on, books to read or be read to them, painting materials, model-making materials, stickers - all the artwork stuff you need to make things. There’s a pretend shop and a pretend kitchen. You can make pastry models or brush the hair on hairdressers’ dummies. There are drums, musical instruments, falling sand.

There’s a story-teller’s time with audience participation, a baby roll-around area where breast-feeding goes on, and mothers talk over the rockers.

Fathers come for their access visits in comfort and privacy. You can play outside in the garden with the outdoor painting, the little cars and the plastic bikes, sandpit, the huge wooden xylophone. It’s a place of music and joy for all ages. And everyone can eat there economically, where the organic materials come from the FoodBank.

A social worker I know said, ‘there’s some sophisticated childcare work going on here, even if it looks happy and chaotic’. Perhaps that’s what children bring all of us – a little chaos.

Doorstep is like a home from home. The children love being around their friends and they get to do creative activities with the play leaders. The bonfire and toast is always a firm favourite every Wednesday!

A parent

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