Step Out : How we work

We offer:

  • Outreach and one-to-one support, long-term if needed
  • Advocacy and participation work to ensure the voices of the children and young people are heard
  • Signposting and support to access other agencies
  • Preventative work including information on healthy relationships, CSE awareness, keeping safe and building self esteem
  • Participation in the coordination and facilitation of information sharing, networking, multi agency working on CSE across the City
  • Support, resources and training for professionals
  • Research and development of models of good practice

Our Approach

We aim to raise children and young people’s awareness of child exploitation; giving them the support they need to make informed, safe choices and to have appropriate, healthy and safe relationships. We also work alongside parents and carers to support and upskill them to appropriately and effectively safeguard their children.

We take a holistic approach which combines different types of support depending on the young person’s particular needs:

  • The young person, parent or carer decides on the level and type of support that’s right for them
  • We recognise that parents and carers are key to safeguarding their children
  • We take the time to build relationships
  • We give support for as long as it’s needed
  • We use innovative tools and activities to help young people explore their relationships, for example by sharing thoughts and feelings through postcards, texting and social media

Our Specialist CSE Project Workers support children and young people by:

  • Raising awareness of what child sexual exploitation means, the grooming process and the common signs to watch out for
  • Exploring how to stay safe and have healthy relationships – including online
  • Providing early intervention and preventative work with those at risk
  • Supporting those reporting abuse, including throughout related legal processes
  • Listening, being there, and helping young people know they’re not alone
  • Supporting them to speak out and have their voice heard and to engage with campaigning and service development
  • Putting them in touch with other agencies, when appropriate
  • Offering specialist support from a dedicated child sexual exploitation worker
  • Liaising with police, social care, health and education to ensure good information sharing and multi-agency working

Doorstep is not only endless entertainment and freedom for children to express themselves and develop new skills but it's also a refuge for those in need.

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What's on this week - 24th Feb 2020

  • Drop in and play

    Monday 10am - 2pm //info

  • Lunch at Doorstep

    Monday at 12pm //info

  • Baby Group

    Tuesday 11.30am - 1.30pm //info

  • Drop in and play

    Wednesday 10am - 2pm //info

  • Lunch at Doorstep

    Wednesday at 12pm //info

  • Youth Drop-In

    Tuesday and Wednesday at 5.30pm //info

  • Breastfeeding support

    Sunday 2pm - 4pm //info

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