After many years of providing high quality early years education to the Donnington community, the board has taken the difficult decision to cease Pre-school provision from October 2019.

We’d like to thank our community of supportive families who made the Pre-School such a thriving setting. We’d also like to thank the fantastic Pre-School staff who worked tirelessly to create a wonderful learning environment. Finally, we are so grateful to the many volunteers who’ve supported the Pre-School over the years.

If you’re looking for a Pre-School place visit Family Information Directory

We are now inviting Early Education Providers to express their interest in utilising the Pre-School space. Please download the Expressions of Interest guidance for further information

My child needs this place - she is really happy here. Me too.

A parent

What's on this week - 7th Dec 2019

  • Drop in and play

    Mon@ 10am - 2pm //info

  • Lunch at Doorstep

    Mon @ 12pm //info

  • Baby Group

    Tuesday 11.30am - 1.30pm //info

  • Drop in and play

    Wed @10am - 2pm //info

  • Lunch at Doorstep

    Wed @12pm //info

  • Youth Drop-In

    Tuesday and Wednesday evenings //info

  • Breastfeeding support

    Sunday 2pm - 4pm //info

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