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We know that parenting can be a big challenge. We provide general support and advice to parents all the time through our drop-in service. You are always welcome to chat to our staff, and ask questions about any area of caring for yourself and your family. If we don’t have the answers straightaway, we will help you find them. Other parents that you meet in our Drop-In are struggling with similar issues and have a wealth of experience to share.

If you’re having a tough time with something that needs a bit more help, we have an experienced family outreach worker who can meet up with you here at the centre or at your home. She will know where to point you if you need further support. We have staff trained as domestic abuse champions and we are here to help whether you want support yourself or for someone you care about. Other staff are breast-feeding advisors, Early Years professionals, artists, writers and much more. We're here for what you need whether that's detailed advice or fresh inspiration.

We think it’s really important that you know you’re not alone. All of life’s issues can seem magnified when you’re tired and caring for small children. When you come along to Doorstep you are among people who understand and won’t judge you.

We always put the safety of a child first. If you’ve got concerns about a child in your care, or one you know, we can help you take the next steps; all our staff and volunteers are trained in safeguarding.

If you want to search for some specific support yourself, here are some organisations you may find helpful. Let us know of other places that you have found helpful yourself and you’d like to see us include here.

For national organisations, Home Start have a great links section.

In and around Oxford:

Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children’s Board - Parents and Carers For advice if you are concerned about the safety and wellbeing of a child.

Autism Family Support Project Oxford For support if you are a family caring for a child or other relative with autism.

Domestic Violence support in Oxfordshire For where to look if you or someone you know needs help with an abusive domestic situation.

Carers Oxfordshire For support if you are a carer.

Citizens Advice Oxford For living advice including money issues, and signposting to specialist support.

Emmaus Accommodation and work in Oxford for people at risk of homelessness.

Orinocco For a treasure trove 'Scrapstore' of materials for creative play.

Oxfordshire Family Information Directory For information about a wide range of county services including childcare providers, activities and schools.

Oxfordshire Family Support Network Inspiring, informing and involving families of people with learning disabilities

Oxfordshire Mind Resources for better mental health.

Oxfordshire Play Association For ideas, resources and inspiration for play.

Oxfordshire support groups for parents of disabled children Links to where to find support if you are caring for a disabled child.

Restore For support with mental health issues including recovery and getting work.

Roads to Recovery Advice on where to find help with drug and alcohol addictions.

Doorstep is not only endless entertainment and freedom for children to express themselves and develop new skills but it's also a refuge for those in need.

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