A chance for a new wardrobe

2016-06-08 Shoes

We love it when people who use Doorstep want to raise money for Doorstep! So we're delighted that one of our parents is organising a fabulous Clothes Swap Shop this week. It's a chance to bring along good quality clothes you've finished with, and find some great new-to-you clothes. Head over here for more information about this event coming soon on Friday 10 June 6-8pm.

There is always laughter, happiness and mischief, there are things you would not expect, there are opportunities, there is grown up conversation, there are people to hold your little ones whilst you play with your older ones, there is mess and buttering, learning and exploring, riding and reading.

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What's on this week - 30th Nov 2020

  • Family Play and Learn Sessions

    Tuesdays 10am - 11.30am //info

  • Family Play and Learn Sessions

    Wednesday 10am - 11.30am //info

  • Family Play and Learn Sessions

    Thursday 10am - 11.30am //info

  • Young People's Sessions

    Wednesday Evening //info

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